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Key West, Florida
Marine Surveys in Key West, Summerland Key, Marathon, Islamorada, Key Largo,
and all the islands in between along the Florida Keys

Michael L. Current, SAMS® SA
Principal Marine Surveyor

Services Offered

Pre-Purchase Survey

This is the most comprehensive type of survey and is strongly advised when purchasing either a new or used vessel. Condition and overall operation of the vessel should be examined. This inspection will include structural integrity, the propulsion system, electrical systems, tankage, electronics, overall maintenance as well as an out of water bottom survey and a sea trial. All safety gear is also inspected. A monetary fair market value will also be placed on the vessel using various sources and accepted valuation techniques. If you are purchasing a boat or yacht you should always insure that the purchase agreement and price are contingent upon a satisfactory marine survey.

Condition & Value Survey

This inspection may be required by insurance companies when a vessel is acquired and at periodic intervals thereafter to insure a safe risk for coverage. It may also be requested by financial institutions to determine value of a vessel for loan or estate valuation. Many aspects of the Pre-Purchase inspection are covered, but with greater emphasis on potentially hazardous flaws and safety issues. Precise identification of all valuable gear and an opinion of the vessel’s fair market value and insurability are always included. For older boats and new policies, insurance underwriters normally require a haul out inspection to inspect the vessels wetted area and underwater machinery.

Damage Survey

The purpose of a marine damage survey is to assess the extent of the damage sustained by the hull, rig, or systems on the vessel. The report presents information on the probable causes of the damage, recommendations on repairs, and validates repair estimates for such work. Surveyors are typically hired by insurance companies to investigate claims. Occasionally, a surveyor is hired by the boat owner directly to investigate out of the ordinary degradation or damage.

Appraisal Survey

This inspection is performed to gather enough information to justify or determine the fair market value of the vessel. This is normally needed for financing, estate settlements, divorces, donations, and legal cases.


If you are considering the purchase of a vessel but are a substantial distance away, I can perform a ‘Brief Walk-through’ of a prospective boat to help you decide whether it is ‘worthy’ of investing in the cost of traveling to the Keys to inspect the boat in person and the cost of a full marine survey. After the walk-through, I provide photos and a one page of notes, and my initial verbal opinion of the vessel. A walk-through survey is not a formal survey and cannot be used as such. Its value lies in helping you decide whether to continue with the purchase process.

Survey Limitations

Most Marine Surveys are non-destructive in nature. As a result, hidden flaws and latent defects which cannot be discovered without dismantling the boat or disassembly of equipment are not assessed. Locked doors, hatches or panels that are screwed down will not be surveyed unless opened by the owner or his representative. It is in the owner’s or the buyer’s best interest (dependent upon the type of survey) to have these panels opened prior to arrival of the surveyor to allow for proper inspection.

The same can be said regarding excess gear and equipment that blocks access or impedes visibility. Having to look over, under, around and even through mountains of personal effects or unnecessary equipment makes the surveyor’s job even more difficult if not impossible. All items that are not necessary for the safe operation of the vessel or will not be conveyed with the sale should be removed from the vessel prior to the survey.

Survey of rigging on sailboats is performed from the deck level only. No attempt will be made to go aloft. Private property or equipment should be removed to facilitate access for the survey.

In addition, the surveyor can only report on the boat’s condition as it existed at the time of survey. No warranty of condition or performance is provided.

If any removal, disassembly or destructive testing is to be performed, written authorization from the vessel’s owner must be procured in advance.

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